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Copyright Regulations in Libraries 


This regulation has been developed to determine how to publish and reproduce scientific resources within the defined framework in libraries affiliated to Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBMU).

Introduction: The purpose of developing this regulation is fair use of published and unpublished sources and reproduction of sources in libraries affiliated to Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBMU).

Definition: Copyright is a set of exclusive rights belong to the publisher or author of a work including the rights such as publishing, duplicating and benchmarking of scientific work. In most jurisdictions, since the beginning of the creation of a work, it is a copyrighted work and no need to register.

- Copyright holders have exclusive rights to control reproduction and other usage of their scientific work for the designated time, and then their work will enter the public ownership

- Any use and exploitation of these works is subject to the permission of the publisher or the author of the work.

- In the case of fair use in situations where there are restrictions or exceptions by law, do not need to get permission from the copyright holder.

- Copyright holders can convey their rights to someone else.


Article 1: Copyright and Reproduction of Theses / Dissertations Restrictions

• The ownership of theses / dissertation that have been proposed in all educational departments of SBMU belongs to Central Library.

• Studying and taking notes of a thesis / dissertation at Central Library and Libraries affiliated to University is possible, and must be respected to the intellectual property rights of authors, and any use of resources should be based on regulations and should be cited.

• Digital files of theses / dissertations of University which is available to the public for free through comprehensive and web based library software that is only visible to the users and does not have printability and storage capabilities.

• Photography from theses / dissertations through devices such as cell phones and cameras is strictly prohibited at the Central Library and Libraries affiliated to University.

• Copying of pages allowed (abstract, table of contents, references and appendices) based on regulations of accessibility to theses / dissertations with coordinating and monitoring of reference librarian is possible.


* This regulation with one introduction and two articles on11 March 2017 was approved by Specialized Council of Scientific Resources, Central Library and Archives



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